Bridging the Gap Between You and the Life You Truly Desire

STOP Self-Sabotaging Support Group

I offer a two-hour group counselling session where the focus is on how to change the quality of your life and move forward from the effects of self-sabotage to living a life with purpose. Often, albeit on an unconscious level, we can get in our own way by repeating behaviours over and over again that simply do not serve us. Self-sabotage can come in many forms and is seen in any pattern of thinking, or behaviour patterns, that stand between you, and the life that you really want to live. Each session focuses on a topic that enriches self-development through self-understanding and personal growth.

Forms of Self-Sabotage within Relationships with Others

One form of Self-sabotage could be that for some reason you keep finding yourself in one bad romantic relationship after yet another, and even though you are putting so much time, and so much effort into making your relationships really work out, you simply ‘always’ end up with the wrong person who is also abusive to you in some way (be it emotionally, physically, sexually or financially)

Likewise, it could be that you find yourself ‘stuck’ in one abusive relationship for years, in which your partner is abusive to you on so many levels, inside you know and you feel 100% that you should get out of this toxic relationship (you even fear something really bad happening if you don’t get out of it) and yet you find yourself totally unable to walk away.

Forms of Self-Sabotage in Relationship with ‘Self’

Self -sabotage could also come in the form of highly critical thoughts that are extremely cruel and berating in nature. The critical voice causes you to hold back from living the life you would ‘truly ’ like to live. If this is you, then no matter what it is you find yourself going to do (that would really enhance the quality of your life) the voice inside your head is simply stuck on repeat, telling you how you simply can’t do anything. It may tell you that your not good enough (maybe this is stopping you from applying for jobs you would really love to be able to do) or that your not clever enough (possibly holding you back from furthering your education by doing courses that would enhance your career and earning potential). Or that you don’t deserve to be with anyone (holding you back from forming meaningful friendships or lasting romantic relationships) leaving you feeling totally isolated, depressed and alone, and shut off entirely from the outside world.

Or you may have decided to go on a diet, and although you are trying so hard to stick to the diet itself, you find yourself repeatedly straying from your diet over and over again, sabotaging your own success (or health) by going against what you really want, and eating all the wrong foods.  This leads you back to beating yourself up (emotionally) then comfort eating, and the cycle continues.  

People who experience any of the following problems will benefit most by attending group:

  • Anyone who finds themselves feeling helpless, stuck or lost in life.
  • Anyone who wants to find their “real” self.
  • Anybody who ends up in one bad relationship after another (again and again) and finds themselves ending up being abused, whether it be mentally, emotionally, physically, financially or sexually (or indeed in all of these ways).
  • Anyone who has a really loud and damaging inner critic that runs and ruins their life for them, time and time again.
  • Anyone who experiences relationship difficulties (feeling they desperately want closeness, but always end up fearing it, and through the eyes of fear itself, they end up pushing people away)
  • People who suffer from depression or anxiety.
  • Anyone who really feels their whole life simply belongs to others (this type of person will experience great trouble saying “no” to other people and will simply do anything they can to keep the peace by avoiding conflict at all costs).
  • People who can’t achieve their goals through procrastination (no matter what the goal is, whether it’s getting back into work and increasing finances, starting a business, losing weight, getting fit, or anything that enhances the quality of their lives).
  • Anyone who has low self-esteem and lacks confidence.
  • Anyone who just simply wants to improve their lives through knowledge, self-understanding and personal development.

The group is run from a non-judgemental stance and each individual will have a right to be heard and acknowledged. Everything said in group is confidential. Group meetings will be held on the same time and day of each month. There has to be a certain number of people in the group for it to run effectively, however the group itself will decide how long the sessions are to continue for. At the first session each individual will fill out a form that helps them to almost take a bird’s eye view of their whole lives and identify any areas that may need improvement. No one will be pushed into doing anything they do not want to do, as I believe strongly that each person is the expert on themselves, and therefore is capable of knowing what harms and equally what heals.


2 Hour Group Session

Cost £30.00

If you would like to attend the group, please use the form on the Contact page to get in touch, or give me a call.