6 Week Quieting the Inner Critic Workshop

Quieting the Inner Critic & finding peace within

Learn how to change the quality of your life, by understanding the cruel and berating inner critics roll in your life, and learn tools and techniques in order to challenge it.

This 6 week group workshop course can help you quiet your inner critic.

The cost for the workshop is £600 payable in advance.

Group workshops are for up to 6 people and we aim to fill them, but will run with lower numbers if necessary. We ask that you contact us to register your interest, and when we have enough people to form the core of a group we’ll make the payment option available. This ensures we have a large enough group and that no-one pays until that point.

Please ask if you have any questions.


Do you find yourself engaging within a never-ending supply of negative self-talk?

Are you always telling yourself stories about how you’ll never be enough; nice looking enough, happy enough?

Do these stories you tell yourself pull you down and make you feel anxious or depressed?

Do these stories also stop you from entering romantic relationships, entering new friendships, or maybe even applying for new jobs and pushing forwards in your career?

Does your self-worth & confidence feel almost non-existent?

Do you constantly worry about how other people maybe judging you?

Do you always compare yourself unfavourably to others?


If you have answered yes to all the above, then there is an extremely high chance that your inner critic is on a total rampage, and is always in the driver’s seat of your life.

This course will be ideal for you if you can identify with quite a few of the following traits.

Can you imagine how your life might look and feel, if you could just learn how to take the steering wheel away from the inner critic and head in the direction of your choice?

Our inner critic is totally life limiting. It is that nagging voice that questions absolutely everything about ourselves, our decisions, our accomplishments and our very identity and sense of self. Left to its own devices, the inner critic builds a prison around us in order to keep us safe. This may have worked very well, and served a great purpose for us, when we were much younger. However, now as an adult, the inner critic is left running the show, and keeps us stuck in a place of complete lack, and limitation.

It prevents us from moving forwards within our lives. In a sense, it is almost like we are stuck on a treadmill and not going anywhere. It can rob us of all the good things in our lives, such as our passion, our joy, our purpose, our career, and of love and meaningful relationships. And leaves us instead to cope with incredibly difficult feelings such as shame, guilt and inadequacy, that can generally lead us to spiral into the depths of anxiety and depression. 

The good news is, it really doesn’t have to stay this way.

How the 6 Week Quieting the Inner Critic Workshop can help you

This workshop will:

  • Help you to recognise the role of the inner critic within your life.
  • Help you to understand the very simple way in which the mind works, and how we are always responding to the stories we tell ourselves.
  • Help you to have a greater understanding of how we are all simply responding to our own perception, rather than to reality.
  • Help you to gain a much greater sense of self understanding.
  • Help you to improve your confidence.
  • Provide you with exercises in order to quieten the inner critic.
  • Provide you with exercises in order to help you to decrease your anxiety.
  • Guide you away from depression and into a more peaceful place of inner peace.
  • Help you to scratch the record on the negative stories you are telling yourself, by helping you to control your inner critic (as opposed to it control you) and help you to move forwards and have a more meaningful quality of life.

Each week you will be given personal challenges in order to help you move forwards.

What you will need.

  • A book and pen to jot down any notes that you may find helpful.
  • A commitment to practice the exercises in between sessions.
  • Your own self-reflection Journal to monitor your own progress
  • And a strong desire to change.


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