How to Improve the Quality of your Life

The How to Improve the Quality of your Life Presentation takes a look at our relationships and how they impact upon us, our thinking patterns, alongside some of our unconscious self-sabotaging behaviours (whether it is through something we do (behavioural) or through a certain style of thinking (cognitive) that keeps us stuck in a psychological place, with the inability to move forward whilst simultaneously ruining the quality of our lives. 

This Presentation would be beneficial for people who may experience any of the below problems and want a slight insight and understanding to what may “really” be going on below the surface, and some steps and practical advice on how to help themselves move forward. 

  • Anyone who wants constructive change in their lives.
  • Anyone who feels lost or stuck.
  • People who suffer from anxiety and depression. 
  • People who have low self-esteem. 
  • People who have experienced relationship difficulties.
  • Anyone who continually sabotages their own success by procrastination and finds they never end up reaching their desired goals. 
  • Anyone who finds themselves trapped in a cycle of behaving or thinking that continually holds them back from experiencing a meaningful quality of life. 
  • Anyone who constantly puts themselves down and beats themselves up (psychologically). 

I will run the Presentations once per month. Please text or email me via the Contact page if you would like to attend. 

Duration: 2 hours

Cost: £5