One to One Counselling

One to one counselling is ideal for in-depth work on a wide range of issues..

One to One Counselling

Why have counselling?

Whatever the obstacles are between you and a better quality of life, counselling can help you overcome them. 

Counselling can help you gain an in-depth understanding of yourself, your thinking styles and your behaviour. 

I offer group workshops that deal with several issues, and can also deal with those issues, and more, in one to one counselling sessions. 

You can find out more about my areas of expertise on my About Me page. 

The Counselling Process

Through the counselling process, we go on what I consider to be, a psychological journey together. You are always in control. You are the leader of the journey.

I always go at your pace, never rushing you, and I only go to the places you feel you’re ready to take me. I’m not going to force you up a hill you don’t have the energy to climb; I always look to you for the direction.

For example, even if there is a fork in your chosen path, and you are uncertain of which path to take, I help you weigh up and look at your options, but the decision of the best way forward always lies within you. 

Although I have never been on your journey before I know what tools I need to bring with me in order to keep you in a psychologically safe place, and this is a place, where you ultimately, have complete control. The journey is an inward one, and guides you on a path of self-discovery, finding the “real you”.

As we work together I help you to have self-awareness, through self-understanding. Sometimes I may suggest books for you to read so I can provide you with a deeper understanding of a topic (relevant to any difficulties you may be experiencing) I may also give you work to take home such as thought records if we both feel this is something that would help you.

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