Costs for one to one counselling and six-week workshops.

Answers to Your Questions

Your First Session

I provide a free 20-minute telephone consultation to discuss your counselling needs. This also gives you an opportunity see if you feel comfortable enough talking to me, as this is essential in order to help you improve the quality of your life.

If you are then happy to go ahead, booking sessions in advance and as early as possible is helpful.

Book early to choose your time

My available sessions fill up quickly, so if you want to guarantee your preferred time slot, booking early is important.

This lets you pick a time slot that is most suitable for you and convenient for your lifestyle.

Face to Face and Online Counselling Sessions Available

Many of my sessions are held face to face with clients in my office in Caerphilly.

I also offer online counselling sessions at no extra cost. You’ll get the same service but this can really help clients for a number of reasons.

Perhaps travel is an issue for you, or you have a particularly busy week coming up and don’t want to miss a session. Whatever your reason, we can schedule your counselling session online so please just ask if that will help.

Standard Costs

One to One Counselling

I charge £60 for an hour of one to one counselling. Your first session is always half price.

6 Week Workshops

I can run several 6 Week Workshops which are £100 per person, for six weekly sessions lasting 2 hours.

Groups are run on a Sunday. Please email me to express your interest, and I will ensure to let you know when your group workshop will be running next.

How to control your anxiety, and take back your life – 6 Week Workshop.

Anxiety is a bully, and will spoil the quality of our lives if we allow it to. This course helps you to learn how to control your anxiety, as opposed to it controlling you.

Ending the people pleasing, and finding the real you – 6 Week Workshop

Helping you to take a deeper look at the root cause of your problems, gain a greater insight into yourself, and learn new and healthier coping mechanisms.

Quieting the Inner Critic & finding peace within – 6 Week Workshop

Learn how to change the quality of your life, by understanding the cruel and berating inner critics roll in your life, and learn tools and techniques in order to challenge it.

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